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    The future is now!

    "BOOST" sales.
    Do not miss out on these new markets, the quality of indoor air.

    logo ecopref'airbecomes your strategic benchmark in communication & marketing for your business.

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    January,1st 2015

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    the trust of your customers

    With our logo ecopref'air recognition you make to your existing and future customers, a sign of confidence on the quality of your product.

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    Health has no border

    boosts your business and makes your product traveling abroad.

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Together let’s become actors of a better world.

is not an utopia but indeed tomorrow’s solution...

Engage yourself now with ecopref'air
to contribute to improving the quality of indoor air and reducing VOCs affecting it.



The marking logo ecopref'air

he presence of the marking logo ecopref'air certifies that the product has been tested by an independent laboratory WESSLING, was recognized as low-emitting VOC thereby improving the quality of air inside your home.

logo ecopref'air technology

With a QRCode eferring to a mobile site, our marking is an operational marketing solution that gives you valuable information analysis, statistics and provides your customers with relevant information about your products marked logo ecopref'air.

Tools logo ecopref'air

The various logo ecopref'air marketing and communication tools at your disposal, are a powerful basis to help you develop your sales and maintain your market.

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